Uwa Elicos Agreement

North Metropolitan TAFE has agreements with Murdoch University on selected courses. Whether you want to learn more about courses, future careers, early university studies or exploring your entry opportunities, the Murdoch University Student Centre can help you discover the endless possibilities. North Metropolitan TAFE has recognition of the previous learning agreement with Edith Cowan University in the following areas: North Metropolitan TAFE has entered into a special agreement with the University of Western Australia (UWA) that allows students with a degree in planning and technology from North Metropolitan TAFE to gain easier access to the UWA Bachelor Landscape of Architecture or Bachelor of Environmental Design. The agreement has a nominal expiry date of June 30, 2021. North Metropolitan TAFE has entered into an agreement with the University of South Queensland (USQ), which gives recognition of prior learning for a number of tafe north metropolitan diplomas and IVs certificate for their associate degrees and Bachelor Degrees. We have access agreements with local Western Australian universities and national higher education providers. If you are offered a place at one of these universities or higher education providers, you can apply for the units you completed in your diploma or higher education degree at the time of enrollment. North Metropolitan TAFE has entered into an agreement with Edith Cowan University (ECU) that allows our graduates and graduates of the Advanced Diploma to have a clear path in some bachelor`s programs at the ECU. Graduates of North Metropolitan TAFE who are admitted by this route receive credits for the study they completed at North Metropolitan TAFE. North Metropolitan TAFE has entered into an agreement with De Curtin University that allows our graduate students and Advanced Diploma who have completed the listed programs to access the corresponding curtin, provided you pass your course and thus comply with Curtin`s academic and English entry requirements, that there are free study places, and that you do not have to worry about sanctioning or visa.

All questions you have about the application process should be asked the following questions: Carol Grech (UniSA) becomes a life member of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses. The 2018 Elicos Agreement applies to employees whose terms and conditions are provided by the Teachers (English Language Centres of Australian Universities) Conditions of Employment Award 1996. For more information on entry routes, the request for ecus and to get up-to-date course information, please contact the ECU student recruitment team. Students of the North Metropolitan TAFE Planning and Technology Diploma are evaluated by a UWA jury and North Metropolitan TAFE academic staff for the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture or the Bachelor of Environmental Design at UWA. All courses are available remotely, i.e.: They access online content, with the exception of the Bachelor of Applied Media. Increased use of online program management partnerships to provide diplomas and vocational training courses, but now «audits are being done in each portfolio to ensure that we work in the most efficient way, including reducing duplication, improving processes and streamlining supply.