Texas Motor Vehicle Consignment Agreement

Here are some of the benefits you will get if you allow us to sell your vehicle at auction: A consignment contract (contract) is a legal document to give Driven permission to act on your behalf when selling your vehicle. This is essentially a limited power of attorney for the sale of your vehicle, the minimum selling price you accept indicating the duration of the shipment (usually 3 months) and various other applicable terms and conditions (e.g. B, you must withhold insurance and registration during the delivery period, indicate whether or not you allow testing). Once the agreement is in effect, we can continue with advertising for your car. For more information, simply send an email consignment@carsforkids.org, call 972-274-5437 or fill out the form below. Instead, sticking your car by driven will eliminate the anger and headaches of selling your own car. Let`s prepare your car for sale, go to the best targeted markets, meet potential buyers and close the sale safely on your behalf, all at a sale price you have agreed to in advance. And if you decide to buy a car in Driven, we can use your shipping sale with Driven in a vat reduction for the replacement vehicle. Under the delivery contract, Driven is required to transfer ownership from you to the buyer of your car. If you keep a clear title on the car, the transfer is easy.

If you have a loan on the car and there is a pledge right to the title, the transfer is a little more complicated and time consuming, but in this case too, Driven will complete the process for your credit payment, withdrawal of the pledge on the title and transfer of the title to the new owner. Driven makes a contract with you to sell your car and assigns your car to the buyer. Driven excludes any buyer order and all government documents necessary to transfer ownership of the car from you, the buyer. Driven handles all paperwork through the relevant tax/DMV offices, including the payment of taxes and public registrations (TT-L, Tax, Title and Licensing). The sale is made at or above the minimum price indicated in the delivery contract. Another advantage of consignment with Driven is our ability to accept a trade-in when selling your consignment vehicle, which you would not normally be able to do as a private seller. The ability to accept trade-ins expands the pool of buyers for your car. As negotiations on the sale stop, we will keep you informed of the progress, but you do not need to participate directly, which allows you to remain private and not disclose your personal data to the buyer. If the buyer is of an extra-governmental nature, Driven may negotiate shipping as part of our sale to a network of insured and related carriers with a closed shipment of trailers or trailers.

We agree on a target selling price (to launch the advertisement) and a minimum selling price. Driven has access to current and expected wholesale price, auction and retail price data to set target selling prices and minimum selling prices. We advise you and advise you on market prices and the achievable price your vehicle would be likely to obtain under current economic conditions. We provide data analytics and sales and purchase experiences for many vehicles as a method to guide you and guide you to a reasonable minimum selling price. Driven, however, lets you choose the minimum selling price. As our fees are based on a percentage of the actual selling price, Driven is encouraged to work hard to sell your car at the highest possible price. It is important that we evaluate your car together and that we agree on a realistic selling price. The price your vehicle will eventually recover is based on a number of simple factors, including: mileage, general condition and CarFax result, market capacity, number of owners, availability of additional information (z.B.