International Passport Advantage Agreement Sub-Capacity Licensing Terms

Do not underestimate the level of contractual terms that you must take into account as part of your Passport Advantage agreement, the associated under-capacity conditions and information documents on product and version-specific licenses. Almost all end-users will face challenges in controlling and managing their position of compliance with IBM`s license due to the need for a level of detail, knowledge and expertise. IBM`s PVU and Passport Advantage programs may seem quite confusing, especially with the revised agreement in which you must keep ILTM accurate at all times. SoftwareONE can help you find IBM`s license to reduce costs, facilitate compliance and meet your business requirements. In addition, IBM uses about 270 different types of license metrics. The processor unit metric is very popular for server-based products as part of the International Passport Advantage Agreement. And there is a particular type of licensing that is increasingly being used due to the increasing use of virtualized environments, such as. B the under-capacity license of the processor`s value units. IBM regularly reviews organizations randomly to ensure that they meet the terms of their Passport advantage agreements and that use does not exceed privileges. We work closely with customers to ensure compliance with ILMT, and while the software is still installed, it is rarely configured correctly! As a result, companies often have to deduct it from large projects from IT budgets for unsured software purchases. Elyzium`s installation and configuration services remove this pain from your IT organization, ensure that unusual scenarios are taken into account, and ensure that your business is 100% compliant with the Passport Advantage agreement.

Our experience shows that ILMT V7.5 has an average margin of error of about 30%, with IBM pooling being one of the main reasons. Therefore, the development of compliance reports requires a considerable amount of time and knowledge, as the person producing the reports must be familiar with the architecture of IBM products and their licensing models. If you would like to learn more about using FlexNet Manager for IBM for under-capacity information, contact a Flexera representative.