Hsaa Collective Agreement Covenant Health

In accordance with the joint agreement, officials from all organizations agree that every inter-patient action must be subject to a risk assessment to ensure that front-line health workers have the specific PPE they need. Alberta Health Services (AHS), the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE), Covenant Health (CH), the Alberta Health Sciences Association (HSAA) and the Una Nurses of Alberta (UNA) have reached a joint agreement on the safe and effective use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials in each of the five organizations recognize that employers and unions share the common goal of protecting the health and safety of health professionals. Edmonton (Oct 13, 2009) – The Alberta Health Sciences Association (HSAA/NUPGE) has negotiated an extensive «voluntary withdrawal letter» on behalf of members covered by their collective agreement with the province. «We are grateful for the commitment and commitment of all health teams in these difficult times.» «As partners in the response to COVID-19, we trust our health teams to make appropriate and clinically sound decisions,» the statement continued. «While there is currently no supply shortage at PSA in our province, AHS, Covenant Health and unions will work together to regularly evaluate the supply of PPE and employers will continue to take steps to ensure an adequate supply.» «During the current COVID 19 pandemic, it is essential that appropriate measures be taken to protect the health and safety of all health care workers, while providing Albertans with quality care and preventing exposure and transmission of COVID-19,» its statement said. «It is important to ensure that all employees and physicians use appropriate PPE while providing special equipment when they are needed for safe care.» More information: — Letter of understanding between Alberta Health Services (AHS) and HSAA – pdf `Voluntary Exit Program` an insult, says HSAA . Severance pay is calculated on the basis of 1.5 weeks of pay for each year of service at a maximum of 52 weeks. «This is a significant improvement over the employers` initial proposal to pay one week`s pay for each year of service to a maximum of 26 weeks,» the union said.

«This letter of understanding does not include any members employed by Covenant Health. They are currently studying a separate program that can be accepted for Covenant employees. Officials say all parties are committed to continuing to work together to address problems and problems when they arise.