Disagreement Healthy

If your arguments come from such arguments, we advise you to participate in our healthy relationships quiz to learn more about the dynamics of healthy relationships. In short, conflict management is a capability that must be taken into account, nurtured and practiced. After all, in all circles where many people have different ideas to achieve the same goal, there are coercive opinions. In fact, if there is never a disagreement, you have to ask yourself why everyone is so compliant or if you have a strong team. The lack of healthy disagreement might be a red flag that something is wrong, but it`s a discussion for another day. Don`t equate disagreements with hostility. When I talk to people who are afraid of conflict, and I ask why they hesitate to disagree, what I hear most often is, «I don`t want to hurt their feelings» or «I don`t want to be an idiot.» Yes, there are people you really don`t want to agree with (uncertain managers, for example), but most people are open to listening to a different perspective if you share them in a thoughtful and respectful way. Ask yourself: Is there really a risk that you will hurt your colleague`s feelings or that he will consider you an idiot? Or do you project your own discomfort? Disagreements are a form of communication. Let me repeat it in case you have not understood; Differences of opinion are a form of communication….