Boeing Customer Services General Terms Agreement

(a) Buyer represents and warrants that it will comply with all applicable import and export control laws and regulations; including, but not limited to, the United States Export Administration Regulation (EAR), the United States International Traffic in Arms Regulations («ITAR»), the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control Regulations, the United States Foreign Trade Regulations, the European Union and country-specific import and export rules, including EU and/or country sanctions regimes, as well as other applicable laws and regulations, and will retain documents that attest to them. The buyer obtains the necessary import and re-export authorizations and licenses for the delivered parts, transfers, services and technical data and keeps the documents proving compliance with these laws and regulations. Buyer agrees to exempt Seller from all fines, penalties or other liabilities imposed by a government agency resulting from Buyer`s failure to comply with such laws and regulations. Boeing`s copyright representative for communicating rights to copyright infringement on this site is David Weitz, Wendy ManningThe Boeing Company100 N. Riverside, M/C 5003-0982Chicago, IL 60606-1596Phone: 312-544-2936Fax: seller prepares and packages parts according to its usual business practices. Delivery of parts is made at the seller`s facility of FCA (Incoterms 2010), except as set forth below with respect to the transfer of ownership and risk of loss for parts shipped from the United States to a destination outside the United States. The seller ships the parts by the type designated by the buyer and the carrier in accordance with the shipping instructions in the respective order. If the buyer does not give instructions on the shipping method, the shipping method is left to the discretion of the seller. Seller will schedule delivery in accordance with its standard delivery time, unless Seller agrees in writing to a separate delivery date. The seller reserves the right to make partial deliveries against all order needs and, if possible, to deliver them before the scheduled delivery date.

The acceptance of late deliveries by the buyer constitutes a right to late delivery. All shipping costs from the FCA point to the buyer, including transportation and insurance costs, are charged to the buyer. If the seller pays these transport costs in advance, the buyer will reimburse these costs to the seller after receipt of an invoice. Ownership and risk of loss passes to the buyer when the seller hands over to the shipper a portion for carriage from the seller`s location, except that, in respect of parts shipped within the United States to a destination outside the United States, ownership and risk of loss immediately after the parties leave the United States (including the United States, For example, the District of Columbia, territorial waters, and U.S. airspace). The seller has the right to charge additional costs for emergency shipments, special itineraries, packaging, labeling, handling or insurance requested by the buyer. Third Party Links. Boeing has no claims or assurances regarding the quality, content, nature or reliability of third party websites that may be accessed via hyperlinks from this website or third party sites that connect to this website, and assumes no responsibility for them.

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